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Why Gynius

A medical technology company like no other.
A powerful, creative and innovative company focused on smart clinical solutions.

Gynius is a company big enough to deliver and small enough to care. We keep the highest quality of our products to ensure delivery of quality health care.

Our products are FDA approved, CE-marked as well as ISO certificated, scientifically evaluated and clinically tested.

We are driven by the challenge to deliver gold-standard products that increase access and produce quality health care results.

Our end users get the best service and that the products are cost effective, safe and secure. Gynius is driven by translating knowledge into accessible, easy to use innovative products.

Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the patient’s clinical examination and support a diversity of health care providers.


    Competes with the top of the range colposcopes on the market at the fraction of the cost.


    The Gynocular has been evaluated by randomised controlled clinical trials and compared to common colposcopes on the market. The studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals and there are also on-going clinical studies.


    To date, colposcopy image integration to electronic medical records (EMR) is often not available or costly to introduce. With the mobile combination of the Gynocular and the safe smartphone T2D clinical records, the results of a colposcopy examination can be documented in any setting with easy referral and review of patients.


    We believe in capacity building by education as a key to success and sustainable health care. Our software supports mirroring capabilities to desktop, laptop or a TV screen. Another option is to use our colposcopy software as a log book for less experienced colposcopists and students as well as easy access for a second opinion within your network.


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Our Team

Sarah Bond Lippett
Sarah Bond Lippett
Office Assistent
I’m Gynius Office Assistent.
MD, PhD, Medical Director
Hi, I am the inventor of ‘The Gynocular’ and the smartphone clinical records. If you have any questions regarding research, or education. Simply ask me!
Wally Pereda
Wally Pereda
It & Software
It & Software questions?! Then you have picked the right man! I’m here to help and guide you when it comes to our software. Regardless if it is about education in the usage of the clinical records or if you have questions about anything else, I’m here! Just send me an e-mail and I will help you!
Stefanos Michael
Stefanos Michael
Development & Innovation
I am working with product design, product development and innovation as the technical engineer at Gynius AB. If you are in need of information regarding the products of a technical point of view, please send me your questions and I will help you!
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis
Global Sales & Export Manager
As the Global Sales and Export Manager I’ll help you with any questions regarding sales, distributorship, products or distributors in your region. I will also give you prices on request. Please send me an e-mail. Speak soon!
Thomas Ahlerup
Thomas Ahlerup
Chief Business & Operations Officer
As the Chief Business & Operations Officer at Gynius together with the founders and some of the smartest people on the planet I will be responsible to build the business and the investment case.
Mireille Lundqvist
Mireille Lundqvist
Global Marketing Manager
As the Global Marketing Manager at Gynius, I will help you with online digital & social media marketing, press releases, if you wish to link content, information newsletters and updates etc. give me a call or send me an e-mail. Speak Soon!


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