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Gynius AB has declared bankruptcy.

If you would be interested in Gynius AB, please contact

Jakob Callmander

Attorney at law/advokat

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB
Box 55555
102 04 Stockholm
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Key opinion leaders, reference centres, doctors and nurses are using our products globally. We take pride in creating cost effective solutions that increase access and diagnostic quality for our patients.


Companies who seek to grow their business in the medical device market in their countries and want to add quality and innovation to their portfolio, turn to Gynius for our products, support and knowledge. Our approach to distributors is more than just selling a product. Our professional sales team share relevant knowledge about products and procedures to continuously update and inspire you. We help both small and large medical device distributors successfully expand their market positions.


Our people are educated experienced professionals with a wide knowledge within the industry, understand the clinical settings and have established relationships with key opinion leaders around the world. We know and care for the specific challenges of the local markets. Our passion to improve healthcare is reflected in everything we do and is what drives us to innovate, challenge, develop and support our partners, distributors and end users across the countries worldwide.