LLETZlearn® Training Simulator and the Gynocular Mobile Colposcope at RCOG, Cape Town, South Africa

Education is the cornerstone of colposcopy and treatment, and lately, there has been several advancements in the field of cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. Prof Singer’s online colposcopy course provides a great opportunity to learn colposcopy http://www,colposcopycourses.com , and lately the UK company DTR provides the LLETZlearn® Training Simulator, enabling trainees to gain confidence before working on[…]

New partnership with GAP distribution in Mexico to increase access to colposcopy examination

Gynius is happy to announce partnership GAP for distribution for tele-colposcopy using the Gynocular colposcope and T2D cervical screening software, enabling access to high quality cervical examinations for women throughout Mexico. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer amongst women in Mexico and a major public health problem,  especially women in rural and low[…]

Medical student and hospital team fight cervical cancer in rural China

Haley Newman, a fourth year medical student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, wanted to improve cervical cancer detection for rural women in China. “In 2010 while studying abroad in Yunnan, I lived in a remote village. At that time, I conducted a rural health survey, and one of the most common medical challenges[…]