Education is the cornerstone of colposcopy to enable the correct diagnosis. We facilitate your colposcopy education by offering both online and regular colposcopy courses.


Medical Courses Online Ltd. in UK provides a Colposcopy Course Online.

  • Led by Professor Albert Singer
  • BSCCP Approved
  • Fully Interactive Audiovisual

If you would like to know more about to course you can find all the information on

The Online Basic Colposcopy Course is Approved by the the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation. This web based course is BSCCP Approved for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation but not suitable for Colposcopist Re-Accreditation. The BSCCP Accredited Online Basic Colposcopy Course is suitable for colposcopy trainees undertaking the BSCCP Training and Accreditation Programme and planning to sit the Colposcopy OSCE.


Would you like to arrange a colposcopy training in your hospital and train your staff? We have a network of doctors that are available. Let us know if your are interested and we’ll explore your needs and available options.

There are also regularly a number of colposcopy courses given by reputable institutes. For more information please contact us at:


Beginner 3 Day Course, ‘‘Introduction to Colposcopy and Cervical Cancer Screening”

Designed for doctors, nurses and  healthcare workers with no previous colposcopy experience. Provides an hands-on overview of HPV testing, Cervical Dysplasia & Cervical Cancer, Swede Score,  Screening and hands-on training.


Advanced On-Site Training Workshop

Consisting of a pre-course assessment, followed by an in-depth course with workshops and hands on training, culminating in a post-course evaluation. Attendees will be educated by leading OB/GYNs to perform comprehensive colposcopy and will be taught proper technique. Training with the Gynocular colposcope and data transfer via the Gynocular T2D is included.

Methods, VIA Triage, and Lesion Detection. Hands on training with the Gynocular colposcope and data transfer via the Gynocular T2D is included. Certification upon successful completion.