Gynius Academic Research Program

Gynius Academic Research Program is supporting research initiatives worldwide in the area of cervical cancer by providing the Gynocular – the world’s first portable colposcope. 

About Gynius
Gynius is a Swedish medical device- and software company that have invented the Gynocular – a high quality portable colposcope that can be used in any healthcare setting. The Gynocular has cutting edge optics and LED technology. It is lightweight and battery driven. A smartphone can be connected to the Gynocular for image capturing. The T2D clinical record software application allows for a structured colposcopy exam, direct referral as well as log book and cloud storage.

Gynius Academic Research Program
Research is the backbone of Gynius and we have produced several studies about the Gynocular and the benefits associated with colposcopy and effective cervical screening. We recognize the importance of research in the struggle against cervical cancer. Gynius Academic Research Program was founded to support research projects worldwide and through our program we are providing researchers in the field of cervical cancer with the Gynocular and accessories.

Borrow the Gynocular
Through Gynius Academic Research program we are providing Gynoculars and accessories (stand and phone adapter) free of charge for the purpose of research during the research period.

Support with statistics
By using Gynius T2D clinical records software application you can save patient data and images in the cloud. We are offering our partners under Gynius Academic Research Program free support in extracting data from the T2D into an excel file so that it can easily be used for statistics of your research project.

Who can apply
Researchers, Universities and NGO´s are most welcome to apply for support under Gynius Academic Research Program given that they will use the Gynocular for research within the field cervical cancer.

The application process

  1. Applicant need to submit an introductory presentation about themselves and the University or NGO they represent.
  2. Applicant need to submit a project proposal with a timeline, including the number of Gynoculars they would like to apply for.
  3. Signing of agreement to return units after the project is done.

While Gynius will provide Gynoculars free of charge to researchers, Universities and NGO´s that are accepted under Gynius Academic Resarch Programme we will have an annual fee for the T2D clinical record software application. Gynius will charge for shipping the devices to the applicant according to Incoterms FCA Stockholm.

Please email your application and questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gynius Academic Research Program
We are looking forward to your application!