Vision & Mission

We believe that every woman deserves the right to a high quality gynaecological examination. We believe this goal is achievable by making women’s health care affordable, simple and accessible. Our goal is one Gynocular™ in every gynecologist’s pocket. We also believe that telemedicine and innovative products will change the when, why and how we work with patients and information. We believe our intuitive smartphone clinical records can save time, reduce distances, improve communication and learning thereby creating value for doctors and nurses as well as for patients. We believe that it should be easy to examine, just work, wherever, whenever where needed.


  • To increase access to health care
  • To increase detection of cervical cancer by education, diagnosis and treatment
  • To improve health care records in sexually abused
  • To create innovative telemedicine solution and facilitate patients and health care organizations in the field, local clinics or hospitals


To become the preferred supplier of colposcopes, services, education and clinical records to medium and large size organisations in their mission to give the best support to end users in their daily work.

To provide access to telemedicine software documentation solutions for patients subjected to sexual abuse of accurate documentation of findings.


We specialize in delivering smart, easy to use products that have been developed for solving a clinical situation and ease delivery of gold-standard health care for our end users.

We build our company on four cornerstones;

Quality – Our product portfolio is a result of our dedication to gold-standard health care. Feature rich, safe and secure clinical records to support nurses and doctors during patient examination. The Gynocular which can be used whenever and wherever with the same high quality as any colposcope on the market.

Service – We proud ourselves of easy team access and high professional knowledge. Our Global and Regional Sales Managers and Global Marketing Manager care about your business, interests and about our future relationship.

Long term – We value our relationships and strive for lifetime customers. We are creative and innovative and will continue to develop our device and software. We understand that what we deliver today needs to be maintained and supported tomorrow; hence we aim to only deliver maintainable products and extendable clinical records. We’re in this business for the foreseeable future.

Eco system – We acknowledge that our clinical records need to be part of a larger ecosystem, hence we stride for partnerships and synergies with other electronic healthcare records to deliver better value for our customers. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, hence we prefer partners who share our values on Quality and Service and are thinking about the Long Term.