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Product GynocularThe Gynocular™ 1.0 For Cervical Cancer

Here you will find information about The Gynocular™. The Gynocular™ was developed to make a gold standard cervical examination convenient and accessible to every health setting in the world.

The Gynocular™ has cutting edge optics and LED Technology. It is lightweight and easily fits into a pocket or a small bag, making the Gynocular™ the world’s first truly portable colposcope. We also offer a custom smartphone adapter that enables the ability to capture, store, and send high quality digital images.

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monopods and tripodsMonopods and Tripods

Attach The Gynocular™ with the gynocular clip to any camera monopod or tripod on the market for a hands free cervical examination, biopsy or treatment.  A monopod or tripod gives versatility and ease of use.  The movement of the ball head joint allows for fine adjustment of the optical angle during the examination.

Our monopod and tripod are adjustable for height and can be combined with a slider for fine adjustment of focus during the colposcopy examination. The sleek lightweight design, foldable capabilities and accompanying transport bag allows for easy transport.

Here you will find some different models of stands we provide such as the skateboard design.

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phone adaptorsPhone Adapters

We provide more than 15 different smart phone adaptors and here you will find one to suit your specific smart phone.

Our newly designed phone adaptors allow any modern smart phone to fit seamlessly to the Gynocular allowing high quality images to be captured and to be integrated directly into our smartphone T2D clinical records.With the use of our phone adaptors, you can turn the Gynocular from an optical colposcope to a video colposcope!

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T2D SoftwareT2D – Cervical cancer screening Cloud Based Clinical Record software

Gynius Provides a couple of secure Cloud Based EMR system for Structured Colposcopy examinations in the field of Cervical Cancer, as well as a forensic clinical record to use for a better performance to document examination findings of patients subjected to sexual abuse.

The Systems can be used as Stand Alone system as well as integrated into any existing EMR system. Telemedicine capabilities enabling referrals and distant consultations with doctors and experts.

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