Gynocular Colposcopes

The Gynocular™ 1.0 For Cervical Cancer – Small enough to fit in you pocket, big enough to deliver high quality pictures.

Our device can favourably be used together with our Clinical Records Software.

GYN-0001 The Gynocular™

Mobile Colposcope for detection of Cervical Cancer. .
The Gynocular is a high quality colposcope in a small package! The Gynocular has cutting edge optics with a focal length of 300mm and LED technology. It is lightweight (480g) and easily fits into a pocket or a small bag, making the Gynocular the world’s first truly mobile colposcope.
Replaceable and rechargeable battery
Red-free / Green filter mode
Handheld or used with a monopod or a tripod
Clinically tested in Sweden, Bangladesh, India and Uganda

CE marked and US FDA approved
Patented technology and trademark.

The Gynocular can also be used together with The Gynocular Triage to Diagnose (T2D) clinical records.

A secure, smart and user friendly software for smartphones and desktops. The T2D enables you to record patient data, review, refer patients, consult, teach and confer colleagues. T2D is FDA approved for use with the Gynocular.

Benefits with The Gynocular
• Competes with the top of the range Colposcopes on the market at the fraction of the cost
• It is a optical colposcope with the option to be a video colposcope
• Mirroring capabilities to desktop, laptop or screen
• Mobile, easy to use with high quality optics especially designed for cervical examinations

The Gynocular - a mobile colposcope for detection of cervical cancer youtube play